Oliver Wilson (Christopher)

Theatre credits include Christopher in Blue/Orange (ATG/Theatre Royal Brighton, Christopher Luscombe), Varro/Sintula in Emperor and Galilean (National Theatre, Jonathon Kent), Romeo in Romeo & Juliet (UK Tour, Pilot Theatre, Marcus Romer and Katie Posner), Alexas/Diomedes in Antony & Cleopatra (Nuffield Theatre, Patrick Sandford), Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockinbird (Wales Tour, Tim Baker), Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird (Theatre Clwyd, Tim Baker), Mesenger/Ensemble, u/s Ronaldo in All's Well That Ends Well (National Theatre, Olivier, Marianne Elliott), Humphrey in Pigeon Love (The Space, Siggi Minssel), Don John in Much Ado About Nothing (Derby Live, Peter Meakin), Various Roles in This Child (Pilot Theatre Company, Suzann Mclean), Movement Ensemble in The Gala (RSC, Deborah Shaw), World Poetry Day Recital (RSC, The Courtyard Theatre, Alison Bomber and Lyn Darnley), Seven Ages of Poetry (RSC, The Courtyard Theatre, Alison Bomber and Lyn Darnley), Bergman in Redevelopment (Actors Centre, Michael Fry), Ned Ludd in The Machine Breakers (Corbett Theatre, E15, John Gillett), Avanaunt in Beauty and the Beast (Corbett Theatre, E15, John Baxter), Loveless in The Relapse (Corbett Theatre, E15, Simon Cox), Antonio in Twelfth Night (East 15 Acting School, Jill Colby), Alechino in Commedia Dell'Arte (East 15 Acting School, Paula Cavallin), Lyebedev in Ivanov (East 15 Acting School, Giggi Minssel), Valentine in You Never Can Tell (East 15 Acting School, Jill Colby), Smiley Coy in The Big Knife (East 15 Acting School, Lois Baxter), Eddie in Fresh Kills (East 15 Acting School, Gerry Mcalpine), Jafar in Aladdin (Crazy Entertainment, Kevin Hassan).

Television credits include Will in Misfits (Clerkenwell Films, Channel 4), Jay in Hollyoaks (Lime Pictures, Channel 4, Tim Leandro), PC Mitch Roberts in Casualty (BBC Television, Declan O'Dwyer).

Film credits include Jackson in Groove Town (Cool Blue, Lucean Davids).